Little Blueberry Thief!

Breakfast with keto or when you’re sugar-free doesn’t need to be only bacon and eggs, or butter coffee, or … nothing… if you’re into intermittent fasting. There’s a billion things you could eat for breakfast, but sometimes you want something that is delicious and seems indulgent, and crepes are maybe not reminiscent of the latter, but on low carb they certainly feel that way.

I made these by accident one day while trying to make cream cheese pancakes for my wife. I goofed on the recipe and forgot almond flour, and so the batter was runnier than normal. Coupled with the fact that I used a flat griddle pan, when I poured my batter, it spread incredibly thin and cooked very quickly. Not wanting to waste anything, I hurriedly flipped it and then flopped it out onto a pan. The result was a thin, roundish, anemic pancake (by pancake standards) so I thought of how to re-brand it. As if possessed by a supernatural force, I found my mouth moving, words flowing forth from me against my will; “call them crepes”.

I thought quickly about how to best to sell my crepe-nee-pancake to my family and I found blueberries in the fridge. I pulsed them with cream cheese and erythritol in the blender and spread that filling inside, rolling them up and dabbing the tops of each with freshly whipped cream. My wife walked in, probably draw to the sound of the blender (“uh, pancakes?”) and the length of time it was taking me to make breakfast. I whirled around with my best “s’spize!” (how my daughter says “surprise”) and presented these beauties. Her and my little girl ate everything I gave them and then some more. My son even ate some, and to illustrate how impressive that is, my wife is very picky, and my son is even pickier about what he eats.

By contrast, who is 2, will sit on the floor with dad and eat pork rinds from the bag with hot salsa from the jar. Chip off the ol’ tallow-block, that one.

Anyway, crepes. Super easy, delicious, keto, quick, and versatile. Make them with your hands, eat them with your mouth, share them with your friends.


Keto Krepes (is that dumb? Crepes, then)

4 large eggs
3.5 oz room-temp cream cheese
1 tbsp erythritol or Swerve sweetener


Blend the eggs, sweetener, and cream cheese together until smooth.

Heat a griddle or flat, wide non-stick pan over medium heat and grease with butter. Pour 1/2 cup of batter onto the griddle, cook until it starts to solidify (as with normal pancakes, about 1-2 minutes), and then carefully flip. Continue to cook for about 30 seconds and, without tearing or bunching, transfer to a wide platter for filling. A word of caution – making them TOO big will make them unwieldy. About 4 inches across is perfect.

This recipe makes about 4 crepes, so 2 servings, but honestly you can make them whatever size you want. I’ve made tiny ones before and stacked them, with a layer of sweetened, whipped cream cheese in between each before and yeah, it was as delicious as it sounds.

After they’ve cooled for about 5 minutes, spread whatever filling you want on them, just about an inch from the edge, and roll up. Serve with a garnish of the filling on top, or with whipped cream.

I can’t wait until farmer’s market season. Blueberries are the best.


Our Favorite Fillings

We make this one a lot, so we’ve got a good amount of variations in our repertoire. A few favs are:

Berries and Cream

1 cup of whatever berries, fresh or frozen (blueberry and strawberry are perfect)
2-3 ounces of cream cheese, softened
3 tbsp Swerve/erythritol
2 tbsp heavy cream

Blend until smooth.

Cinnamon Roll

1 stick of salted butter
1/4 cup Swerve/erythritol
2 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg

Same as before, soften butter (don’t melt it though) and mix vigorously with sweetener and spices


Juice of a lemon
Sprinkle of sweetner

One of our favorite non-keto breakfasts is German pancakes, these weird, thin pancake things my wife makes (other people do too, I’m sure, probably some of them actually German). We top them with powdered sugar and lemon juice, so the premise here is derivative of that. It’s delicious!


1 cup creme fraiche/mascarpone cheese (I’ve not done it, but you could theoretically use plain Greek yogurt as well).
1/3 cup Swerve
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 cup very strong brewed coffee

Blend everything together – you may need to add a bit more creme/cheese/yogurt to thicken as you see fit. Fill your crepes and then dust with cocoa powder. Eat them, make more, eat those, then call your grandma and tell her you’re finally eating well. She’ll be mega proud.
I’m making these tomorrow actually.


Maybe this will inspire some keto breakfasts; I know a lot of people get bogged down by the thought of meat/eggs all the time, or are so bored with the various iterations of meat/eggs that they skip breakfast altogether. These are reasonably healthy, have protein and fat for satiation, and taste really good. Give them a spin sometime.



  • Carol Cassara Reply

    I’m on the Whole 30 so this clever recipe that sounds so good isn’t in my short term plan, but it will be in my long term one!

    • Monechetti Reply

      I’ve never done a Whole30 myself; does it limit dairy in the beginning? I know a lot of people who have had success with it.

  • Anna R Palmer Reply

    I never thought I would laugh reading a crepe recipe. But I did! Looks delicious…thank you.

    • Monechetti Reply

      I appreciate that! 🙂

  • Silly Mummy Reply

    These look just like the usual pancakes we make in Britain – I had no idea you could make them without flour! I’d have expected that to end up as scrambled eggs – I’m so amazed it’s still pancakes!

    • Monechetti Reply

      You and me both! I thought for sure they were going to be eggy ridiculous messes but not at all. I made some this weekend with coconut flour that I really like as well. I might do a recipe for that one in the future.

  • Skipah Reply

    Wow, talk about stumbling onto some culinary goodiness! Going to put this in my recipe book to try one morning!

    • Monechetti Reply

      Thanks! They’re really delicious. I have a low carb lemon curd recipe I’m going to try with them this Saturday. I hope it’s good haha.

  • Shopgirl Anonymous Reply

    Fascinating! Wish I could have sweeteners like “swerve” but my body can’t break them down, only sugar for me. Mine will just taste a little different perhaps! 😀 I can totally make the Cinnamon Roll with margarine, it’s happening!

  • Me My Mo Maria (always felt gypped by that) Reply

    Holy Cowbell those sound delicious. I’m pretty much obsessed with tiramisu.

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