Fighting the Falloff

So this is/was week 4 of the 12 week challenge, and I’ve noticed significant drop-off in the number of people in the Facebook group commenting and posting. I’ve also noticed a lot less people hashtagging 250kchallenge.

I’ve found that my own interest was flagging, just a bit.
Ah, that’s not entirely true – the interest is there, but I have been allowing myself to coast at a level under what i would like to be performing. I haven’t been a fraction as scientific about this as I’d like. With my background in psychology and a bit of a penchant for research, I have not allowed that to flow through my own experiment here.

So this week, I am tracking it all, to regurgitate here next week. It’s going to be a data-explosion! This way, if anyone wants to follow along with my hobbling towards health (I should write a book, that’s a reasonable name) they can see exactly what I did.

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Turns out it’s pretty easy to “overeat” berries.

Nutrition Density

The above subtitle is a pun – though I know a lot about nutrition, I am often incredibly dense about putting it into practice. I have improved in the inclusion of nutritious food in my diet, mostly by cheating.

Things like Roasted Cauliflower Soup (the recipe for which will get posted Friday) and keto smoothies with kale or spinach are a great way to sneak greens into my diet.

I have found that, if I snag greens on sale, I can freeze them and then use them in smoothies without diminishing their lack of taste appeal. Moreover, they don’t lose enough nutritive value to be concerned about the freezing process versus fresh. It’s a great way to get nutrient-dense veggies in your diet if you don’t really care for veggies that much. I DO like vegetables, but often it’s faster to just drink them.

And no, bloody Marys don’t count, but only because celery is the literal worst.


What I Did Last Week


Good stuff: I stayed keto the entirety of last week! I paid better attention to nutrition, and I got an average of 6 hours of sleep, which is admittedly still not great but better than normal for me.

Bad stuff: I had a binge-eating episode Sunday night, I didn’t exercise hardly at all, and my tracking was nearly non-existent. I believe I’ve worked the kinks out, though, so this week will be solid.

Slowly doing better and better. At this point, I have gone from ~325 at the start of this challenge/year to 306 as of the date of this writing (2/12/18). Not the weight loss I would have liked after a month, but I can’t complain.

Stuff to do for week 5: Stay keto.  I’m already there, as far as diet goes, I just need to cut my calories a bit more. I want to transition to one meal a day (OMAD) eating but I think I will wait until I’m fat adapted, which I should hopefully be by the end of this week if I’m not already.

Track. I need to be diligent about tracking or my data means nothing, really.

Exercise daily. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to make time for both my step goal and my daily exercise routines.

Calories for week 3: 21,544  Target calories: 11,550
Exercise for week 3: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Steps for week 3: 47,689/7 = 6,812 average Target steps: 45,500 yay! Exceeded my goal! Now to up my goal.

Gross, rainy weather this week but I won’t let that buck my stride!

Pet dogs and lift weights!


  • Carol Cassara Reply

    I like to envision your children reading this when they are grown. Just a thought that came to me as I was preparing to Tweet this.

    • Monechetti Reply

      Hopefully my kids will forget about how daddy was a Santa Claus stunt double when they were young and only remember the post-fat me, but if they still remember me being huge and give me grief about it, I’ll gently remind them that they used to poop their pants all the time. That’ll get em!

  • Molly Stevens Reply

    I’m curious about the ‘one meal a day’ technique. I know you do your research so there must be something to it, but I thought that would stall your metabolism. I hope you go into that further if you try it. I don’t think I could ever do that.

    • Monechetti Reply

      There’s a lot of misconception about “starvation mode” and “metabolic slowdown” sort of things. I always thought I could only cut my calories by a little bit to achieve weight loss without slowing my metabolism, but current research suggests that’s no true. Essentially, when you only eat once a day, you body dips into ketosis and burns your fat for energy. Same thing just eating low carb or doing an extended fast. Same is true with all the misinformation about how cutting calories drastically burns muscle – bollocks. Your body is designed to store fat for times of need, so it’s kind of ridiculous to think it would burn muscle preferentially but that’s what’s being taught still. I think it will be some time before that old, baseless education goes by the wayside (doctors still push low fat, high carb for heart protection, and that’s a HUGE error).

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