Is Keto Coffee Healthy?

Butter? In MY coffee?     The concept of adding fat to coffee gets a lot of blogger treatment as though it’s some insane notion. Cracked even did an article a few years ago about “weird health trends that are wrong”, and it included “butter coffee”. Their consensus was that it was bad, spoiler alert […]

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Building Better Boys

American Horror Story: Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh is not the problem currently gripping our political sphere, nor is it the divide between those who want him seated for life on the Supreme Court and those who don’t. I’ve no doubt he’s got experience and training that might be beneficial to that position. Lord knows I […]

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How I Won By Losing With Healthywage

HealthyWage Review I had legitimate concerns about the ability of this bridge to handle all my fatherness. Disclaimer: Affiliate links found within. While I may make commission should you choose to sign-up via my link, that in no way impacts my opinion of Healthywage. “How I Won By Losing…” What? That title probably sounds kind […]