Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Low Carb Love

Valentine’s Day is rough Let’s start by stating the obvious; you’re either into V-Day or you’re not. I’ve always thought it was a made-up holiday, designed to sell greeting cards and candy, like how Arbor day was invented to sell trees or Mother’s day to sell mothers. Everybody gets chocolate and sometimes flowers and it’s […]

dashi broth recipe

Dashi: Japanese Basic Fish Stock

Dashi broth isn’t something many people have heard of, but it’s a delicious recipe chock full of healthy properties! Today’s post is brought to you by Japanese cuisine expert Lucy Seligman of Thanks For the Meal. Enjoy! What is Dashi? Dashi: Japan’s basic fish stock, is typically made from dried bonito shavings (katsuobushi), dried konbu […]

child holding up boxing gloves

Building Better Boys

American Horror Story: Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh is not the problem currently gripping our political sphere, nor is it the divide between those who want him seated for life on the Supreme Court and those who don’t. I’ve no doubt he’s got experience and training that might be beneficial to that position. Lord knows I […]

Is Ketosis Dangerous? Studying The Study

Getting healthy You’ve probably seen a recent media blast about a study¹ that concluded that low carb diets shorten lifespans, saying they’ll take 4.5 years off of your life. Just what does “healthy” mean? Take a look back for a second through history and you’ll see that it’s varied wildly.   Nows – Eat whole […]

healthy wage review lose weight

How I Won By Losing With Healthywage

HealthyWage Review I had legitimate concerns about the ability of this bridge to handle all my fatherness. Disclaimer: Affiliate links found within. While I may make commission should you choose to sign-up via my link, that in no way impacts my opinion of Healthywage. “How I Won By Losing…” What? That title probably sounds kind […]