About Me

I’ve lost nearly 200lbs (that’s like¬†454 copies of Thriller on vinyl…)

Fit2Father: One man's journey towards a healthier life and better parenting

My name is Tony and I used to be well over 400 pounds – 452 to be exact.

I’d been big my whole life but it really came to a head in college, where I gained over 100 pounds in a single year.

The tipping point came when I walked across campus in the dead of winter and was still sweaty and panting 15 minutes later while sitting in class.

How many times have you tried to diet in your life? Because for me, I’d lost count.

Eating bland carbs, low-fat everything, aerobics for days, and still the scale barely moved…

Finally,¬† I started to research modern nutrition science, understanding that nutritional fat wasn’t the culprit, that long stretches of cardio can actually be detrimental to weight loss, and that you can be physically healthy without being super skinny (of course the opposite is also true).

I followed a low-carb diet and started moving more, reading everything I could about fitness and nutrition, and after about 18 months I had lost 200 pounds.

At 249, I was at the lowest weight I’d been as an adult.

Then my wife got pregnant and I gained a solid 35 pounds of weight with her!

Just kidding – I gained the weight instead of her. So while she stayed pretty much at the same weight while constructing another person, I played video games and got fat again. Ugh.

So I’m back at it, looking to drop those 35lbs while helping you learn how to do the same.

Together, I want to pledge to not raise our children in a world where white bread and rice are staples in our diets. Where sugar is in almost literally everything we eat, and where a significant amount of the population takes medicine for type 2 diabetes, a disease that is 100% preventable.

Let’s elevate ourselves beyond junk food and sedentary living, teach our children to be healthy and happy, and close the door on preventable disease once and for all.