Going Sugar-Free, Part 1: Know Your Enemy

Why Purge Sugar? As humans, our bodies normally operate in a state called “glycolysis” in which we burn sugar for energy (the other metabolic state is “ketosis”, where you burn fat). Though our bodies want glucose to function, too much and you eventually can end up diabetic, along with a host of other potential disastrous […]

Low carb breakfast sandwich, keto sandwich recipe

Mouthwatering Low Carb Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

I like a good breakfast sandwich. Sandwiches, in fact, are nature’s perfect food, evolved and perfected for centuries by artists and wizards alike. The problem is bread; bread isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, as even “whole grain” varieties don’t offer much aside from fiber, and there’s far more nutrient-dense ways of getting fiber. […]

Fatherless Fathering

    Fatherless Fathering Have you ever noticed that when you say or type a word too often, it suddenly becomes foreign? Like the word itself makes no sense and you’re not sure how it ever did in the first place? I’ve typed “father” a lot lately, and the only time it looked more bizarre […]